2020 ASHRAE Annual Conference Grants

June 29-July2 Live Virtual Event

The Golden Gate Chapter would like to invite Chapter Students to apply for a grant of $25 for registration at the 2020 American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Annual Conference that will be held online.

In the past ASHRAE hosted their annual conference and expo in major cities. The conference was normally attended by over 10,000 industry professionals.  The Golden Gate chapter would regularly sponsor two student ASHRAE members to attend the conference.  This year’s virtual conference (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) is a great opportunity to have many more student members take part in the activities.  There will be 12 live technical sessions and 80 more sessions available for 18 months.  See

Applicants are required to:

  • Be an ASHRAE Student member enrolled in a college or university within the geographical area covered by the Golden Gate Chapter.
  • Attend at least 2 sessions at the conference.
  • Apply for the $25 grant prior to registering online for the conference. A confirmation of the grant will then be sent to the student.
  • After attendance submit a receipt or acknowledgement of payment for conference registration and a list of the sessions attended.

Students may submit their grant request with their ASHRAE membership number to [email protected].  Those who do not apply for their grant prior to the deadline may still be reimbursed for attendance if there are grants left over after the normal application process.

Requests are due no later than 5:00 pm on June 26, 2020.

SmartStart Program for Graduating Student Members

by Alicia Tan, Student Activities Chair

Are you graduating and looking to transition to industry?  Take advantage of the SmartStart Program for a three-year discount on the ASHRAE Associate membership.  The first year on the program is $25, the second year is $85, and the third year is $115.  Receive all of the member benefits, including the ASHRAE Handbook! You can find more information and applications for the SmartStart program here.

Golden Gate ASHRAE Awards Fifteen Scholarships for 2020

by Richard Paillon, Scholarship and Grant Lead

This year the Golden Gate Chapter of ASHRAE is awarding a total of $54,500 in scholarship money to fifteen students who have an interest in building technology, energy systems, or sustainable energy.  The money is derived from the Eric Thor Andresen Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Golden Gate ASHRAE Scholarship Fund.  The award process is managed by the Golden Gate Student Activities Committee headed by Alicia Tan.  All the scholarship winners are student members of ASHRAE.


The top Eric T Andresen scholarship of $7,000 goes to Haripriya Sathyanarayanan, a University of California, Berkeley PhD scholar in her third year.  Her emphasis is building science technology & sustainability with a minor in public health.  Her research adopts an evidence-based design approach to explore the impact of spatial design on patient experience and health.

Christina Ismailos, also a Cal student has won the second highest scholarship of $5,000.  She is a first year masters student studying for a degree in energy, civil infrastructure and climate and a concurrent degree in public policy.  Her goal is to help design sustainable buildings.

There are eight winners of $4,000 ETAMSF scholarships.   Yuming Xu is a first year Cal grad student seeking a master of science in building science, technology and sustainability.   His thesis project involves determining proper minimum VAV air flow set points.

Hyungmook Kang another Cal student is the next winner of a $4,000 scholarship.  He is a fourth year PhD candidate in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on heat transfer and energy storage.  He is studying nano-confined phase-change material (PCM) as a potential thermal energy storage medium.

The next $4,000 scholarship winner is John Van Dixhorn, a California State University Maritime Academy junior year undergraduate student studying mechanical engineering with an interest in control systems.  He is currently involved in a collegiate wind turbine design competition.

Yasaman Yavaribajestani is another $4,000 winner from Cal.  She is a first year building science, technology and sustainability PhD student with an interest in sustainable material utilization in building construction.

Another $4,000 award goes to Warren Tam, a Cal Maritime undergraduate student studying mechanical engineering in his junior year.  He is interested in design of HVAC and energy systems.

Mitchell Paul is a junior year undergraduate student at Cal Maritime who has also won a $4,000 scholarship.  He is studying mechanical engineering in the energy stem program at his university.  He plans to have a career in the HVAC&R industry.

Jing Yuan, a first year Cal, PhD student is the next $4,000 winner.  She is studying building science and sustainability.   She has a special interest in indoor environmental quality.

Rounding out the $4,000 award winners is Ibrahim Alp Cinar, a first year UC Berkeley PhD student of civil and environmental engineering.  He is studying surface temperature variation caused by human activity as well as geothermal systems.

Zhirong Lin, a first year Cal masters student, has won a $3,000 ETAMSF scholarship.  Her field is Building Science and Sustainability.  She has a strong interest in daylighting within buildings.

Tina Piracci rounds out the ETAMSF winners with a $3,000 scholarship.  She is a second year masters student at UC studying architecture, sustainability, technology and building science.  She is studying how to reduce waste in building materials and hopes to eventually get a PhD.

There are three winners of ASHRAE, Golden Gate Chapter awards, each for $1,500.  Christina Adams, a California Polytechnic State University undergrad student in industrial engineering is one awardee.  She has a history of working in the HVAC field and plans to continue after graduation.

Elnaz Tafrihi is the second winner.  She is Cal, PhD, second year student in building science, technology and sustainability and a previous winner of an ETAMSF scholarship.  She has strong interest as well as experience in computer modeling of buildings.

Miles Owens from Sacramento State University is the final $1,500 scholarship winner.  His major is mechanical engineering and he already works in the HVAC



Looking for K-12 STEM Activity Ideas?

by Juliana, K-12 Lead

Have kids at home and looking for some activities to do with them?  You can find STEM activities on the ASHRAE Student Zone page.  Many of these use common household items.

Student Activities is creating a local Alumni Network!

by Megan Dawe, Post-High Lead

Calling all alumni from our Golden Gate schools to enter our Alumni Network database. This list will be provided to student members to make connections and increase involvement in the Golden Gate Chapter. Designation as 'available for mentorship' is optional - up to you!

Enter your information here:

Does your company or organization offer student internships?

by Megan Dawe, Post-High Lead

Many of our student members seek internships to fulfill their academic requirements and gain hands on experience. Student Activities is working to connect student members with local internship opportunities and promote internal collaboration.

Fill out your company's information here:


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