2017-2018 Committees & Chairs


Auditing Committee

Looking for help!

Past presidents, especially.



Grassroots Government Activities Committee (GGAC)      

Jeremy Martinez (Chair)











Amy Allen



Scott Wayland 





 Student Activities Committee 

Frank Wiggins (Chair)









Frank Wiggins







Gary Harbison




Luis Rivera

Zach Flowers 









Chapter Technology Transfer Committee

Zeid Arnaout (Co-chair)




Alex Fung (Co-chair)  











Tyler Bradshaw - Seminar (Co-Chair) 








David Lehrer - Seminar (Co-Chair)







Ivan Molina - Product Show (Chair) 





Tyler Bradshaw








Finance Committee

Michelle Dionello (Chair)









Historical Committee

Tom Gilbertson (Chair) 










Honors & Awards Committee

Scott Wayland (Chair)




Membership Promotion Committee (MP)

Brian Chacon




Amy Allen





Nominating Committee

Cory Palmer (Chair)





Resource Promotion Committee (RP)

Borannie Anicete (Chair)







James Gronek (Tennis) 










Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA)

Jake Barker












Electronic Communications Committee

Looking for up to (5) volunteers to help fill this committee            


Foundation Board Committee

Glenn Friedman (Chair)


























Anna Osbourne 





Michelle Dionello




Rick Paillon 





 PAOE Committee

Annie Foster Courtney (Chair)





 OFEC (Olde Fart Engagement Committee)

Ben Sun (Chair)