Water Conservation

Dear Members,


Important content in my last month’s letter that I wanted our Golden Gate colleagues to focus on was continuing our pledge for water conservation. Given we have had very dry November and beginning of December I was hoping, rain dancing and praying for snow but didn’t work with Mother Earth. Furthermore we won’t get rain nor snow (or barely anything) through Christmas and New Year’s. Dry, dry patterns!

For folks that don’t get it-our reservoirs and maps don’t show drought because of gigantic winter last year, but the way we started this year it’s not looking good-how many of you cancelled your Lake Tahoe or Mammoth winter plans this season? I did.



On the other hand there is tremendous loss of property, life and billions of dollars in damage directly impacted by dry patterns. Because of colossal fires in Southern California currently raging near Los Angeles, intellectuals like us can only speculate or expectantly engage into discussion why the second largest fire in California history is in December 2017?

See it for yourself what’s going on and don’t ignore the facts, videos and devastation in the link below. Our future is and will be impacted by our decisions on climate change and the behavior of State and local governments and non-profits alike ASHRAE. The key is to focus and bring the awareness to the decision makers, be loud. Prayers for our ASHRAE sister chapters down south!


Merry Christmas and happy New Year’s 2018!

By closely approaching the Holidays, I wanted to personally express my gratitude to our Golden Gate Board members, committee members and our entire Golden Gate ASHRAE Community-we are one big family. I’m thankful for all your support for our chapter during this challenging times we are living. Want to assure you that we, as an ASHRAE Golden Gate Board, are determined to prevail and succeed in our intention to make the World a better place for our children-I don’t speak about my three little munchkins, I speak and care about all of our future generations.


How many of you have seen the decline in the design of water based or evaporatively cooled systems we design and increased design of the Air side or VRF? I have. This brings us to the interesting subject on the ASHRAE’s rebranded Building EQ or what used to be called BeQ in 2013 or so-Now we have a bit longer title “Building EQ-benchmarking building energy performance” and there is bunch of improvements for the modules per feedback from industry.

Little refresher below:


In Operation compares actual building energy use based on metered energy information.

As Designed compares potential energy use based on the building's physical characteristics and systems with standardized energy use simulation.

  • Online data entry and submission process
  • Metered energy data exchange from ENERGY STAR™ Portfolio Manager
  • Median EUI calculation aligned with ENERGY STAR
  • Building EQ Performance Score visible to all users on the main input screen at all times
  • Redesigned label shows Building EQ Performance Score on a barometer/scale. No more letter grades!
  • Standard reports can be automatically generated by credentialed users
  • Improved submission approval process
  • Help and validation information is built into the system


Wanted to remind everyone about our January Lunch meeting at the PEC, on Howard street in San Francisco presented by Steve Taylor with Taylor Engineering:

SFMOMA: Dual fan/dual duct VAV air distribution systems.

The meeting theme is Membership Promotion so please spread the world with your colleagues about this successful remodel of this nearly 500,000 sf downtown icon!



Lastly, our annual ASHRAE Winter conference and AHR Expo is in Chicago this time, January 20-24th-usually one of the most popular venues-maybe we will taste snow!

I’m going, are you? If you are going, early bird deadline is knocking on door and prices will go up-Hope to see you there, there will be plenty of events including our own Region X dinner. For more info, please visit here:


Stay safe and healthy this Holiday season be close to your loved ones, won’t be white Christmas for most of us!



Nikola Kravik, ASHRAE Golden Gate President 

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