Dear colleagues,

Finally real snow-it’s March by the way, even saw snow today on Mt. Diablo in Walnut Creek!

Yes mother Earth is trying to make us feel better for those ski passes we bought last year for so “cheap”, no refunds for a bad ski season.

Last year too much snow, this year not enough-pray and snow dance for miracle March alike few years back.

Great response and support from audience in regards to last month’s joint ASHRAE GG + ASPE-SF meeting at PGE PEC in SF.

It was Elyse Widin’s first time presenting and she did great with all those bombarding questions!

We have to do joint meetings more often with ASPE-SF and other AEC industry partners and organizations-I wrote about that in my first letter of the season to you back in October.

One other way to socialize is attending a meeting or an event that ASPE-SF has put together for their members. I encourage you to do so, especially the youngsters 35 and under (shhh, you know everyone is welcome besides Ben Sun’s OFEC-old fart club-anyone seen Ben lately? ???? scroll to the bottom). Everyone, please visit one of their ASPE-SF AYP events (That’s their version of YEA). There was a great event last week at the AB&I Foundry in Oakland followed by Warriors vs Clippers exciting game.


What an amazing story of 110+yrs of production since 1906, survival game during two World Wars, competitive market endurance, corporate sustainability leadership and largest water recycling program that I’ve ever seen in person-millions of gallons of process water recycled on site at AB&I Foundry in Oakland.

Many thanks to all the folks at AB&I Foundry and McWane Plumbing, Nicholas [email protected] & Blaevoet, Scott [email protected] Sales, Mike Marshall and Chelsey [email protected]+GBA, Ash-Lee [email protected] Sales and Phillip [email protected] Consultants. Let’s play more in the sand together.

I want Jake Barker our YEA and Nicholas Peterson AYP to become best friends.

*Plumbing Engineers are still the most wanted in the Bay Area if you haven’t figured it out these past 5-6 yrs.!

Furthermore, Warriors won by a lot that same night despite two of my fellow country man from Serbia playing for the Clippers: #51, Boban Marjanovic (7’-3” known as the funny guy with the biggest hands in the World and 8’ wingspan, if you don’t want to see the 3+ min video just scroll to 2:56min) or #8, Boban Bogdanovic (known as the Serbian sniper who scored his career high 22 last month while playing for the Kings at the Clippers ground and got bought by the Clippers 2 weeks after

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Warriors fan 100%!

Now a favor to ask you: Please show some support and make it to next month’s joint meeting with Redwood Empire Chapter on March 15th at the Sheraton in San Rafael

We always struggle to have large attendance and we have excellent topic that’s looking ahead of Whole Food’s strategy on Natural Refrigerants presented by Tristam Coffin, Director of Sustainability&Facilities, Whole Foods NorCal Division.


All the best,


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