Product Show& ASHRAE Volunteering

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are marching into the last stretch of the ASHRAE calendar season, moving into the last few months of fun events. We have the famous Product and Awards Show coming up on May 17 at the PGE Center. There will be over 20 exhibitors, a tech session on the newly marketed ASHRAE BeQ, a social hour, the main project and the student awards program and dinner. If you haven’t been year round, this is your chance or the last meeting at Scott’s in Oakland on June 14th.

There will be a lot of opportunities to network on May 17 and there will be events from 3pm – 9 pm.We are looking for new Golf Chair for this year’s July Golf Tournament. Steve Leao and the Norman S Wright team has been amazing for years and big thank you from all our Golden Gate membership. If interested please contact me at my email [email protected] or cell 510-561-8816 if interested to be the Golf Chair this year. You will have plenty of help from our board and other volunteers. We promise this year’s golf tournament to hopefully be a record one since we are behind on RP fundraising and expect calls from me, Charlie Warren (our new RP) and a few other board members.

Not that I’m the only ’07 SFSU Gator that was hoping this will happen – but we are proud that after our April’s meeting at Genentech, Victor E. Osorio Martinez help us reinstate the SFSU Student Chapter! Kuddos to you Victor and all the other folks involved. Victor last name is so long, if you add one more it may be looking more like a Brazilian Soccer Player! We want more success stories like this. I encourage all Alumni to reach out to their Dean’s and ask for a student chapter of ASHRAE. We have over $35,000 in scholarships for next year and probably more to be added to the pot. Our future is the students, so bet on them!

This year we are also pushing hard to strengthen our relationship and communications with our Redwood Empire Section. We are assertive for increased membership and events for our Northern colleagues. I’ve spoken to several of their board members and key members-everyone is excited. We are trying to rejuvenate the student movement at Redwood Empire alike we did for the Golden Chapter in the past few years with Anna Osborne, Franklin Wiggins and Juliana Velez lately. Our Student Activities committee at Golden Gate has 4+ members and it’s been a great success. I’ve volunteered to be the bridge and liaison between Golden Gate and Redwood Empire for next year, please email or call me or any of the other GG and RE board members if you want to help. We are open to ideas on how to schedule fun events for both students and regular members in the 2018-2019 Season.

And as usual be a role model and a leader, we have plenty of followers everywhere! See you all May 17!!
All the best, Nikola
President 2017-2018 ASHRAE Golden Gate Chapter

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