Baby Goats!

Is there a connection between baby goats and ASHRAE? Well, not really. But it’s springtime, some baby goats have arrived, and they sure are cute. So I hope you don’t mind if I stretch a bit to make it fit.

Baby goats like good thermal comfort, and that’s a topic ASHRAE knows lots about. Perhaps we should update Standard 55 to account for the impact of cheek-to-cheek conductive heat transfer.

Baby goats illustrate climate appropriate design. Nubian goats trace their roots to south Asian breeds that evolved in warm climates. Their long floppy ears serve as good heat exchangers. The alpine variety sports shorter upright ears, and the newborn alpines emerge with warm, fluffy coats. They hail from the European alps. ASHRAE engineers also know, of course, to keep climate in mind with their designs. 

Baby goats are tough and eager for a challenge. They’re up on their feet within minutes of birth. Within a few days they are trying to climb everything in sight. After a week they challenge the adults to a showdown. Just like our talented Golden Gate YEA members!

Baby goats seem happy to be here. Spontaneous jumps, spins, and caprioles are common and are very cute. Not so different from an ASHRAE Golden Gate Chapter meeting? Obviously, if you haven’t attended a meeting recently, you should come and check it out.   

Baby goats will butt heads now and then. But any hard feelings are soon forgotten and they cuddle up in a ball and snooze together. Well, perhaps the ASHRAE connection on this one is a bit of a stretch…

Did I say they are very cute?

There are actually a few ASHRAE things l’d like to mention this month.

  • Our May 12 meeting includes our popular product show. This time, if you show up by 5:15pm and have registered online, then you get a free drink ticket. Which gets you a free drink! 
  • Chapter technology award winners have been selected. See the CTTC section of the May Fog Dispenser for a list of the winners. Congratulations to all! And come to the May meeting to hear some of the winners present their very interesting projects.
  • For those interested in energy modeling, registration is open for the 2016 SimBuild conference, which is co-organized by ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA and which happens August 10 - 12. This year the meeting moves to Salt Lake City from Atlanta. So it’s a great chance to check out a very interesting conference. See:
  • 2016 scholarship winners are listed in the Student Activities section of the May Fog Dispenser. The future looks bright!

Hope to see you at the May meeting.

-Erik Kolderup
ASHRAE Golden Gate President 2015-2016

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