Time for Change

Time for Change

June is transition time for your ASHRAE chapter, and I’m fighting sniffles and a lump in my throat as I write this final President’s message. I’ve enjoyed the chance this past year to share some thoughts with you, and now I’m ready to pass the massive gavel (come to the June meeting and see!) to the talented Tyler Bradshaw, your current President Elect. 


It’s also time to gift the figurative golden watch to Past-President Annie Foster Courtney. She’s rolling off the board of governors after seven years of service. Clearly addicted to the ASHRAE cool aid, Annie has accepted an appointment to serve as Treasurer for ASHRAE Region X. Thanks, Annie!

And thanks to all the other board and committee members who contributed this year. If you see one of them out and about, give them a handshake, or a hug, or twenty bucks or something.

So the team will change a little, but you should expect the same Golden Gate goodness from the new crew.

What did our chapter do this year? 

  • Heard a bunch of great speakers at our chapter meetings. Thanks Tyler!
  • Played tennis and raised $1,200 for scholarships.
  • Raised over $5,000 last July by playing golf.
  • Held an October seminar on Sustainable Urban Housing (with an all-star lineup) that raised in more than $6,000.
  • Shot little clay disks from the sky.
  • Thanked employers for supporting ASHRAE membership. Employees of 24 local firms offered their gratitude.
  • Gathered with our neighbors in San Jose in December and Redwood Empire in March.
  • Made presentations to local high school students.
  • Judged entries at the Bay Area Science Fair.
  • Awarded $28,000 in scholarships!
  • Awarded four travel grants, to help students attend ASHRAE winter and annual meetings.
  • Held a very popular product show with 20 vendors.
  • Presented 10 technology awards to local firms.
  • Set up a Facebook page! (
  • Formed the Olde Fart Engagement Committee, Ben Sun in-charge.
  • And the YEA crowd… Hydronics 101, brewery tour, ugly sweaters, wine tasting, and Airside Systems 101. It’s good to be young!

And those are just the highlights! (We also filed our tax returns and balanced the checkbook.)

That’s the past, what about change? Where are we going?

I don’t know. Ha. That’s up to Tyler and the other wonderful Golden Gate volunteers. And it’s up to you. Perhaps the change you seek is joining a chapter committee?

What I do see is only good for the future of the chapter. I’m inspired by the energy and commitment of the volunteers. The younger crowd is engaged and looking to make a difference. Us older members enjoy hanging with some of the other old folks now and then. We also get a kick out of watching the youngsters thrive.

I hope to see you at the June meeting, and many more to come.

-Erik Kolderup
President 2015-2016
ASHRAE Golden Gate Chapter

P.S. If you’ve been waiting to make your tax-deductible donation to ASHRAE research, well now’s the time. Why? Because our chapter has a fund raising goal, and if we reach that goal then we get brownie points (Presidential Award of Excellence). Surely you like brownie points? For how to help, look here:


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