President's Message, November 2016

Welcome Golden Gate ASHRAE members and friends,

I’ve been an ASHRAE member for more than 10 years and even after already given hundreds of volunteer hours over more than 8 years to the chapter as volunteer I can honestly say that I’ve received more than I’ve given from the chapter.

I hope you are enjoying your experience with the Golden Gate chapter and feel that you are getting great of value out of your membership.  Whether you feel you are or not, I’d like to make a plead to either get involved yourself or reach out to just five (5) friends or colleagues to see if they would be interested.

If you feel we are already giving great value to our members, then I’d like to ask you to help us improve our existing services or help add new services that we’re not yet providing. Every year I’ve been involved there has always been a of chapter improvements that the board and committees were not able to accomplish. Basically, if we had more volunteer resources we’d be able to provide better services to all our members. If you feel the value provided could be much better, then I ask you to bring your energy and your fresh ideas to be part of the solution in making our chapter better and a better value for our members.

Do you have a special skill or a passion for something that would help improve our chapter operations/services in some way? If not, that’s OK but if you do tell us what skill(s) you would be willing to contribute to bettering our chapter. Please contact any of our board members if you’d like to get involved; commitments can be as little as 20 hrs per year.

Here’s just a few of great events made possible by our volunteers in the 2015-16 year:

2015 Seminar – Sustainable Urban Housing

9 great meetings with great speakers on interesting topics

10 chapter awards with 5 going to nationals and two (2) first place awards at nationals

Clayshoot, Product Show, Golf & Tennis Tournaments, and 7 great YEA Events

Tyler Bradshaw,

2016-2017 Golden Gate ASHRAE President

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