Happy New Year!

Welcome Golden Gate ASHRAE members and friends,

In the past I have in the past tried to keep our members up to date on the latest important activities related to the chapter. This month I hope this more personal message finds you well after the holiday break and beginning the New Year with optimism.

I spent my own holiday break with family over x-mas and the remaining week in Tahoe teaching my little man how to ski. As I write this I reflect back to how much the responsibility of raising a boy has changed the way I act and view my actions even at times that he’s not with me. I often find myself reflecting on whether I’m conducting my life as the man I hope he becomes; I have definitely become a better man due to this daily reflection on my own actions. With close to 40% of all the planet’s carbon being contributed to uses within the built environment being a father has also caused me to reflect upon all the potential impact I can have towards leaving him a planet with more resources and better quality of life to grow up in.

At our December meeting we were treated to a very special treat of hosting our society president at the San Mateo Marriott. We drew a full house with lots of questions at the end. Thanks to the great suggestion of Edgar DeGuzman we also were able to line up the 19 past chapter presidents before the meeting for a group photo (see photo section in the January FOG). I was shocked but pleased to see that more than 20% of our Dec attendees were past presidents from one chapter or another; this fact is more evidence that ASHRAE is truly a grass roots bottom up organization.

If you’re like me you’re still catching up from time off during the holiday break but I hope you can make the time, to attend this next dinner meeting event where our past GGASHRAE president Tom Weaver will present “VAV with IAQ and a Cure for the Spread of the Airborne Flu Virus” at the Pacific Energy Center on Jan 11th.

Tyler Bradshaw,

2016-2017 Golden Gate ASHRAE President

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