Seeking Building Energy Quotient Stories…

Welcome Golden Gate ASHRAE members and friends,

In Aug 2015 our society president David Underwood spoke to a room full of Region X chapter leaders including me (14 chapters total) about his biggest personal 2015-16 goals for chapters to help with over the next year. At the top of his list was for chapters to work on increasing awareness and participation in ASHRAE’s Building Energy Labeling Program (aka bEQ). If you were one of the lucky attendees of our December meeting, you may recall hearing from our current society president speaking on the third of his 3 main initiatives, “Adapt bEQ for use in our student branches.” The fact that bEQ has been part of the presidential theme for our last former and current president lead to me reaching out to our member base and friends with this message.

I’m reaching out with a request for a single individual in our member base to share their experience(s) of going through the bEQ process at one of our upcoming 2017 meetings. If you personally certified one or more buildings through the bEQ program (or know somebody who has) and feel you have a few lessons learned that you would be willing to share with our members, I’d like to have you speak for 10-15 mins at our meeting as to how someone new to bEQ could get started with their own building(s). if you’ve calculated it, we’d love to hear about any payback of other financial benefits identified. If you have the experience, the interest and a compelling story to tell that you believe our members would benefit from hearing, please reach out to me or our President Elect Nikola Kravik.

I look forward to seeing you at our February meeting,

Tyler Bradshaw,

2016-2017 Golden Gate ASHRAE President



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