Summertime, and the livin' is easy…

Do you know which artists who originally composed the song to which this first line derives from? Do you know which of the many musical greats famously covered it over the years or which of my favorite bands loosely covered it in their self-titled 1996 album? If you know the answer to one or more of the questions above, please come to the June meeting to discuss your own favorite cover, where you heard it or why it was your favorite. If you can’t make it, I’d still love to receive an email from you.

This will be my last President’s message and June 8th my last chapter meeting as President. I would like to thank all this year’s board members who have both made my job as president as easy as possible but have also made this year’s chapter operations and great events possible.  

Nikola Kravik: Thank you for planning all the great programs and speakers that we’ve had this year. I look forward to listening to Charles Eley to close us out for the year. I leave the chapter leadership in your capable hands for 2017-18.

Michelle Dionello: You have been the model of hard work, patience and excellence in your many years on the board and I am very excited to see what kinds of programs all that energy and dedication will produce in next year’s calendar.

Jason Lesser: I was positive that you would be a great strong addition to the board after seeing how well you performed the RP responsibilities and I wasn’t wrong. You are always reassuring calm and steady in what is sometimes one of the more challenging, fast paced board positions and we have all benefited from having the real “Rock” on our board.

Alyse Falconer: You have brought your rock star YEA leadership to the board this year and we’re all the better (and happier) for it! Thanks so much for bringing your high energy to the board and helping to remind us this is supposed to be fun. I’m confident saying that everyone on the board has smiled/laughed a bit more from having you on the board.

Anna Brannon: You have made a big impression with me and others by simultaneously supercharging our Student Activities programs and serving and a solid and reliable first year board member. We’re all going to miss you in the meetings next year but with silent envy of the chance to experience Australia for the next 2+ years.

Erik Kolderup: As the one to train and mentor me for every BOG position to date, I personally owe you more than I can possibly convey in words. You have been the repository of knowledge for not just me but for all the board with the memory of an elephant on chapter history and operations and an attention to detail second to none.

Committee Members: I would like to thank you one and all; if not for the many efforts both small large from our committee members many of the important chapter functions and activities would not happen. If you have enjoyed your committee position and wish to continue or apply your energy and efforts in some other committee, please let your incoming President Nikola Kravik know ASAP. He is likely planning his year including next year’s committee positions as I write.

Did you get what you wanted from the Chapter this year? Do you have some ideas for how we can provide “better value”? Please reach out to any of the Board of Governors to share ideas you have; we’re very interested in getting feedback of any kind. I hope to see you at our June 8th meeting

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