Holiday Festivities

Dear Members,


Hope I find you in good health and eager to continue with the Holiday festivities in December!

Yes, it feels good to shave the mustache-kudos to the first timers and thank you to all supporting men’s health and expressing it in various styles!


For those skiers and boarders like me, not a good start of the winter season. At least the beginning of December will be warm with short sleeves in San Francisco/Bay Area which is not at all like last year’s record rain and snowfall. No signs of rainfall for 2 weeks from the weatherman Jo Schmo-trust me. So, remember the existing water conservation pledge we have-make it last through the winter.


We had a challenging few months with the fires, natural disasters and political disasters at home and around the Globe. The drama in Washington DC continues even as I’m writing to you today. ASHRAE Leadership has stepped in and separated funds to aid to the member victims of the fires, to get free books and wave memberships amongst other things. Talk to me or the other board members if you know someone that lost everything and in need of immediate help. Furthermore, that doesn’t mean that you individually can’t find other ways to help the ones affected-do something, every bit helps, drive to Santa Rosa area and see it for yourself, I did.

I’m looking into myself, our board and committee folks and you the 1000 plus members to actively find ways to expand our reach and our community by showing compassion towards others. There will be plenty of taskforces you can join, AIA is on board, I will be meeting the Executive AIA SF Director next week to discuss exactly the above amongst other things.


Traditionally December starts with the YEA Ugly Sweater fun holiday party (December 7th this year again at Piano fight SF, check our Facebook page or talk to Jake Barker our YEA Chair). The following week on Wednesday, December 13th is our joint meeting with San Jose chapter-continuing the tradition every year and hosting our current National President, Mr. Bjarne Olesen. Space is limited so please register ahead of time.

To show that 1000 of our Bay Area members have no excuse not to show up for our special guest on the 13th is the fact that Mr. Olesen will be visiting Belgrade, capital of Serbia for Region XIV CRC-this is the first Region XIV CRC! I’m glad Mr. Olesen is expanding the ASHRAE Community in Belgrade since Belgrade is about 200 miles from where I was born. If you happen to be there just drink some “rakija” and eat “kajmak”, “ajvar” and “chevapcici” amongst other great non GMO food-trust me!


All the best,



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