ASHRAE TECHNOLOGY AWARDS 2021 – Call for Nominations!


ASHRAE TECHNOLOGY AWARDS 2021 – Call for Nominations!

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Your chance to help prepare K-12 Schools for Reopening

Posted by mreynau on Nov. 30, 2020  /   0

By Issac Simpson, K-12 School COVID-Readiness Volunteering Lead

The ASHRAE COVID-19 Taskforce has continued to provide our industry guidance and recommendations throughout the epidemic.  The Golden Gate chapter student outreach committee is working to help our local schools understand the reopening guidelines as it applies to K-12 classrooms in the Bay Area.  We are hoping to recruit some volunteers to join us in visiting select schools to highlight those recommendations for common classroom HVAC systems.  Our goal will be to visit different schools with different HVAC equipment types and show how the guidelines can be used to assess their current status versus what has been recommended.  Following each visit the group will issue findings as related to the taskforce guidance.  Photos and/or short videos from each site will be shared on the chapter website as a resource to other local schools that might have similar HVAC systems.  

The shared information from these site visits will improve the understanding of HVAC Equipment Inspection, Ventilation, Filtration, and to possibly how those relate to Energy Use and Building Controls.   In addition, these efforts will also be instructional to local schools on how they might be eligible for HVAC improvements funded through the passing of AB 841 which goes into effect early 2021. 

We hope to recruit volunteers that would be excited to help make the taskforce guidance tangible for our local K-12 community.  The chapter hopes to recruit volunteers from across multiple disciplines for this effort.  Volunteers will need to participate in a virtual pre-meeting to review a common checklist for performing the assessment.  We are asking that volunteer time be employer supported and that volunteers provide their own appropriate PPE and transportation for these visits.  

Finally, all activities will be conducted in adherence to state and local guidelines related to safety during the pandemic.  School site visits will be done at empty campuses or outside of schedule classroom hours.  

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