Air Quality Update

Dear Golden Gate Chapter,

As the air quality worsens over the days, the Board wanted to share some resources with everyone. This information is not endorsed by ASHRAE society but is shared on behalf of the individuals of the chapter for the intent to share information across our California community.



  • Dust Masks vs. Respirators: Surgical masks and paper (painters) masks will not protect your lungs from smoke particulates. Only approved N95 respirators that are properly fit-tested can provide adequate filtration of about 95 percent of these particles. The N95 respirator is not designed to filter hazardous gases and vapors.­
  • Medical Considerations: N95 respirators are not for everyone. People with chronic lung, bronchial, or heart conditions should not wear respirators unless approved by their doctor. Decreasing airflow and oxygen places additional strain on the lungs and heart.
  • Children Masks: Adult masks like the 3M N95 does not fit properly on some children. The following are suggestions for children masks: Vogmasks (available at Cole Hardware and Rainbow Grocery in SF)



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