June 2015

Fresh meat. That’s all I was back in 2007; a new grad, easy to sucker into volunteering to “help with” the GGASHRAE Marble Draw. My Marble Draw co-chair left the chapter shortly thereafter, and “help with” became “run”, which ultimately led to a nomination to the Golden Gate ASHRAE Board of Governors. It seems a lifetime ago when I asked my boss for his blessing to join the board. When he inquired what the commitment would be, I replied “not much, I just need to sit at the front door every meeting and help check people in.” Ha! How near-sighted that was.

The last 6 years on the board have been both challenging and rewarding. I have made some great friends at both the chapter and regional levels, and I’m so grateful to those friends for reminding me why ASHRAE service is worth it; through the both the good times and the stressful ones. Cindy, Devin, Joe, Karine, Tif – thanks for making the CRCs worth coming back for, year-in and year-out.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow board members, both past and present:

Scott Wayland – My first impression of you, from my early days in Marble Draw, as was “wow, this guy asks a lot of questions.” You always gave the speakers your full attention, and asked pressing questions that got the entire audience thinking and engaged. Over the years, you have become a good friend, and my most reliable sounding board for all issues ASHRAE.   I truly value our friendship, and know it will continue. Come to the June meeting so I can buy you a boring Scott’s Seafood beer!

Gary winning a Marble Draw prize at Annie's first ASHRAE meeting

Gary Harbison – You’re always a pleasure to be around. No matter what obstacle the board had in front of us, you gave the impression that “we’ll find a way.” I hope that one day you’ll forgive me for all those name badges you had to order for me.

Kristin DiMartini – Thank you for being a great role model for me during my early years on the board. I was always impressed by the way you conducted yourself at ASHRAE events, and the way you balanced your work, volunteerism, and family. It has been too long since we’ve seen you at a meeting…hope to see you in June.

Tom Weaver – I still don’t know how you managed to launch and grow such a successful business while serving on the board. As I have encountered my own challenges over the last couple years, I keep reminding myself of all those late night/early morning emails that you used to send during your presidential year. The dedication you showed to the board was unwavering, and set a high bar for the rest of us.

Isabelle Lavedrine – Bonjour mademoiselle. Comment ça va? I envy your spirit and the easy way you seem to have with people, regardless of the person or the setting. I look forward to visiting you in your very own B&B, one day.

Erik Kolderup – You have been an amazing board partner over the last five years, and I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been there to offer support, advice, and pick up the slack when I let things slide. The programs this year have been amazing – you brought the chapter awesome, diverse range of topics, and introduced us to some great industry partners. I look forward to seeing you lead the board next year, and will do my best to not be a “lame duck”.

Tyler winning a Marble Draw prize at Annie's first meeting

Tyler Bradshaw – You were one of the first Golden Gate members to really make an impression on me; back when I was a young engineer trying to find my way though ASHRAE. (And it was more than the fact that I could always count on you to buy some marble draw tickets.) I observed as you gained confidence in the CTTC chair role, and was thrilled when you were ready to join the board. You have a passion for your career, your coworkers, and ASHRAE; and always insist that things get done correctly. I’m sure these strengths will carry you far.

Tim Goeppner – You also made an early impression on me. Whenever we spoke at ASHRAE meetings, you had a smile on your face, and were (are still) always sociable. It’s hard to explain how much that helped a shy, young engineer who has never been good at approaching people. I know that Treasurer is not an easy job – thanks for all you have done this year.

Michelle Dionello – I meant it when I said that you’re Golden Gate’s next ASHRAE All-Star. You did such an amazing job launching our YEA committee. It must have been tough – a committee that nobody on the Board, at the Region, or in Society had ever done before. Despite the fact that YEA was a one-woman show, you left quite a legacy. I can’t wait to see everything you have to offer Golden Gate ASHRAE as a board member.

Nikola Kravik – I think you made an impression on everyone at GGASHRAE the first time you walked through the door. I actually remember your first couple meetings…I remember thinking that that guy with the accent sure is friendly and outgoing. You have a great personality, seem to know (and be known by) everyone, and remember people’s names in a way that I never will. I appreciate your willingness to take on any task that is asked of you, and that you are so generous with your offers to help wherever you can. (Be careful with that, though…we don’t want you to run yourself into the ground so early in your GGASHAE tenure!)

Annie's favorite photo of Nikola, from the 2014 Chapters’ Regional Conference in Hawaii

Christine – the entire board is so happy that you have accepted the nomination. We look forward to working with you and helping you as you progress through the board positions.

And of course, I’d like to thank all the committee members for their hard work this year. I have gone on too long with the sappiness, and there are too many of you list here individually, but I hope to see you all at the June meeting so I can give you a small token of the Board’s appreciation.

It has been a great year – happy summer, Golden Gate ASHRAE!

-Annie Foster Courtney

2014-15 Golden Gate ASHRAE President

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