2018-2019 Committees & Chairs



Membership & Electronic Communications Committee

Please reach out to the committees directly or to Michelle Dionello if you are interested in getting involved. We need your help!            


Grassroots Government Activities Committee (GGAC)      

Jeremy Martinez (Chair)



Student Activities Committee 

Juliana Velez (Chair)
Bridgette Kimball (Co-Chair)
Alicia Tan (K-12 STEM Chair)
Richard Pallion (Scholarship Chair)


James Gronek (Tennis Chair)




Chapter Technology Transfer Committee

Zeid Arnaout (Chair)



Tyler Bradshaw - Seminar (Co-Chair) 



Tyler Bradshaw, PE, LEED AP


David Lehrer - Seminar (Co-Chair)

Ted Tiffany- Seminar (Co-Chair)
Clark Bisel- Seminar (Co-Chair)
Bill Burke- Seminar (Co-Chair)
Charles Eley- Seminar (Co-Chair)
Liang Ma- Seminar (Co-Chair)
Glenn Friedman (Co-Chair)



Auditing Committee

Erik Kolderup




Historical Committee

Tom Gilbertson (Chair) 








Honors & Awards Committee

Scott Wayland (Chair)



Membership Promotion Committee (MP)

Brian Chacon







Nominating Committee

Cory Palmer (Chair)

  Cory Palmer        


Resource Promotion Committee (RP)

Charlie Warren (Chair)

  Charlie Warren  








Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA)

Jake Barker (Chair)

  Jake Barker        


Foundation Board Committee

Glenn Friedman (Chair)



Michelle Dionello




Rick Paillon


 Redwood Empire Section

Billy Martin (President)

  Billy Martin, P.E.  

Adrian Giovenco

  Adrian Giovenco


Ken Mozek

  Ken Mozek