2016-2017 Board of Governors 

The new board of governors was installed at the June 9 chapter meeting. 

President:   Tyler Bradshaw
President Elect:  Nikola Kravik
Secretary:  Michelle Dionello
Treasurer: Jason Lesser
Board of Governors:  Alyse Falconer
Board of Governors: Anna Osborne
Board of Governors (Immediate Past President): Erik Kolderup

 President's Message

How are we doing?

Welcome Golden Gate ASHRAE members and friends,

Thanks to all who braved the foul weather to make our February lunch meeting and special thanks to our speaker Liz Whiteley who helped us better understand the future of natural refrigerants in our industry.

Last month I reached out to our members with a request to help further ASHRAE’S bEQ by sharing some experiences from members who have participated in the program only received dead silence. I’m not sure if this is because no one is reading the messages or no one has experiences to share. As with anything you only get out of it what you put into it and this is especially true of a bottom up organization like ASHRAE. Your entire board and committee members will continue to provide content we believe the member base wants to hear and see from us but we all crave feedback from our members and friends to help inform us and shape the future content and member services. So why not tell us how we’re doing? Good, bad or just indifferent, we’d like to from you, please! It’s easy to reach your board and committees from our website and we really do hope to hear from you.



I look forward to seeing you at our March meeting,

Tyler Bradshaw,

2016-2017 Golden Gate ASHRAE President

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